Windows 2 Virtual

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The following quick guide describes how to create a VirtualBox image of an existing Windows system.

  1. Crate a VHD image of the running system with the tool 'Disk2Vhd' from Microsoft. Partitions can be left out if not necessary for the system bootup. Source:
  2. Copy the VHD image to the computer which runs Virtual Box.
  3. Create a new virtual machine with Virtual Box (e.g. Windows → Windows 7 (64 bit)).
  4. Select the VHD image as existing image.
  5. Virtual Box integrates the selected image as AHCI disk. This results in a blue screen when Windows starts up. To fix the problem in the virtual machine settings delete the AHCI partition with the VHD image and mount it as IDE partition. Source:
  6. Boot Windows. If the virtual machine is running on a Mac, there are problems with the keyboard. To solve this, you can set up a keyboard profile. Source: