Windows Boot USB-Stick

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Recently I wanted to install Windows 7 on a computer that does not have a DVD drive.

The following tool easily creates a bootable USB stick from an ISO archive of a Windows 7 DVD.

I had created several ISO-files of my Windows 7 DVD with different burning programs but the following message always showed up in my Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool after selecting the ISO:

The selected file is not a valid ISO file. Please select a valid ISO file and try again.

Finally, the following command line tool helped me to correct the generated ISO archive:

Thank you very much.
Then I could boot from the created stick and run Windows faster and quieter than any DVD.

During another copy process I got the following message: ""We were unable to copy your files. Please check your USB device and the selected ISO file and try again"

Here the problem probably lies in the USB stick used. The tool can't always prepare it properly. In this case maybe the console could help:

 list disk
 select disk #Zahl die bei List Disk vor dem USB Stick angezeigt wird
 create partition primary
 select partition 1
 format quick fs=fat32