IntelliJ IDEA and TextExpander

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TextExpander is a tool that can replace shortcuts with text snippets or even forms in any application. I for example use it to automatically close opened brackets and move the cursor between them.

TextExpander Snippets grouped

When usingIntelliJ IDEA 13 I noticed that clipboard conflicts occur here. If the clipboard is filled, IDEA inserts the contents of the clipboard, as soon as I open a parentheses.

Since IDEA takes care of closing parentheses anyway there is no need te let TextExpander do that. I first tried to deactivate these kinds of rules in TextExpander for IDEA. That's possible and since I have grouped my rules of all bracket types that would be a easy solution. However, TextExpander does not care that I disabled IDEA for these rules. Only after stopping TextExpander, I was able to write parentheses again. I suspect TextExpander* cannot exclude Java programs, because they are no real executables. Maybe I had to exclude the java binary completely. That's not what I wanted and so I didn't try it.

The following solution helped me

In the IDEA properties under /Applications/IntelliJ IDEA I added the following line:


The clipboard problem did not occur afterwards.